Common Signs You Need A New Boiler Installation

A new boiler installation is often a phrase that can send shivers down the spine of most homeowners when it comes to boilers. However, sometimes you have to accept that this could be the best step to take rather than plugging away at an older system.

In our latest blog, we’re going to walk you through a few tell-tale signs that your old boiler needs replacing.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Nobody likes to be sat in the cold. Yes, we may be well into spring now and summer is just around the corner, but that doesn’t hide that fact that room temperatures can be a lot cooler in some areas of the house than others when your heating system is doing the work in colder months.

In fact, when it is working overtime, it can be even worse. An inconsistency can mean more than just a chill: when it is not working effectively, your boiler will be costing you more in energy than it needs to. It might be time for a new boiler.

It’s not just the heating either. Hot water is needed all year round for your kitchen sink and in your bathroom. Nobody likes a cold shower – Gerry certainly doesn’t – so if you’re regularly experiencing a long wait for the hot water to surface, unfortunately it could be a warning of something much worse.


Whether it is a drip or worst case scenario a full leak, you run the risk of causing serious damage to your home. Being eagle-eyed and keeping on top of these issues with your boiler is very important.

If leaks are persistent and keep coming back it is another sure sign of more lasting problems.

Strange Noises

Things that go bump in the night or crank and grind during the day probably aren’t ghouls or other unearthly beings. It is often your tired boiler.

Loud noises, hissing or anything untoward can both confuse you and get you concerned and should be investigated as underlying issues can exist.


Regular repairs needed

Being Sheffield’s number one boiler repair and breakdown specialist, we are more than happy to repair any boiler (so long as the parts are available) but that said If you are often having to have returning repairs to your boiler outside of your regular boiler servicing and maintenance, you should start to question why.

Boilers are intricate pieces of machinery and they could be telling you it is time for a new install.

The good news is, a new boiler install may not be as expensive as you think. And when you compare it to regular repairs, you will realise it is the best option for you.

Add to this that new boilers will be much more economical than old and tired systems and could save you anything up to a few hundred pounds per year on your energy bills, the figures really start to add up.

Get Advice From Work With Group

If you are unsure on the best way forward for your central heating system, have boiler repairs that you want fixing or the best advice on a new boiler installation, speak with the Work With Group team.

We are Gas Safety Registered and will provide you with the best possible advice to suit you, each situation is unique.

If we believe a system still has a good life and is not ready to be changed, we will tell you. Likewise, if you are in need of a new boiler installation and believe this is the best way forward, we will advise you and help you select the best system to suit your home.

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